The Homeowner Migration To Houston

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One of the challenges with real estate in California is the fact that property values continue to rise. Especially in cities like San Diego where it continues to be an attraction city for tourists, locals are finding that it’s harder and harder to maintain their quality of life without requiring higher levels of expense. While this holds true for many people in the middle and lower class, it’s also a significant source of stress for people in the upper class as well.

Everyone has to pay taxes, but the more income you make the more you have to give up. Additionally, California’s state tax is among the highest in the country. Couple that with federal income tax and other states begin to look very appealing. One particular state that looks especially appealing is Texas because it has no state income taxes, although they compensate with higher property taxes. Despite the property taxes being higher, the bang for the buck on property is much larger.

In San Diego, a 3 bedroom home might cost around $400,000 or more, while in Texas that same property may be around $200,000, and still have a much larger plot of land around it. Even with the property taxes, the amount of land and living space will be significantly higher in comparison to its California counterpart. Because of this, many people are moving from San Diego to a Texas city such as Houston. Houston in particular is attracting residents from many other cities and states because of its booming economy, industries, and real estate. Because so many new transplants come into the city, the real estate market is quite different in that it’s much easier to buy and sell. The methods for selling a home in Houston is a lot different and far easier thanks to the demand and price points than in California.

Maintaining a home is a lot easier as well since many of the homes consistently go through new development or restoration phases. But because these homes have lower total property value, ancillary services such as home insurance is much cheaper. The only downside is that flooding can become frequent, so homes in the flood plains must carry flood insurance (note that flood plains may have changed due to recent events revolving around Hurricane Harvey).

It appears that there are a lot of homes that are being developed within the major cities in southeastern Texas (Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas), and many Californians are making the move because of the cheaper economy while maintaining a high quality of life. One of the advantages of living in a place with higher affordability is the option to travel back and forth as needed while saving a lot of money. Many of the airports in Texas have direct flights back to California with cheap airfare. One must consider how much time they really spend in California that requires being local before making this kind of decision.

For those that are having a difficult time maintaining their lifestyle in California, this might be a seriously good alternative. Many people in California are consistently going through issues like foreclosure that force them out of their homes and they have to find other places to live and other jobs in order to accommodate. By going to a cheaper state that requires less annual expenses, although the minimum wage will be lower, the amount of money kept in pocket will be significantly higher to justify the move.

You can check out some videos like this one on others that have made the move and how it has affected their lives:

The move may not be for everyone, but we’re finding that there’s a big migration occurring from the west coast to the gulf coast. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before committing to something like this because it’s a huge lifestyle change (from perfect spring weather every day to humid hot weather almost all year round, for example). And while there are other places as options, Texas has been known to be one of the best economically. It had the least affected economy after the 2008 recession and was the quickest to bounce back. On the other hand, California simply hasn’t really recovered from its economic downturns and droughts.

If you were a transplant from California to Texas or vice versa, we’d like to hear from you! Drop a comment down below and let us know what the experience has been like and why you decided to make the decision. Head back over to our homepage to learn more about San Diego houses and the general real estate market (

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